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All of our services are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our electricians can install anything from industrial motors, new security lighting for your outdoors, maintain your current electrical systems, to installing a whole home generator that will keep your appliances and devices working during a power outage.

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Our experienced electricians are highly trained in all aspects of electrical service, from office lighting and security systems to emergency repair.

Residential Services

Aluminum Wiring Replacement

If your home was built between the 1960’s and 1970’s and the electrical wiring hasn’t ever been changed, then you may have aluminum wiring.   Aluminum wiring is safe to use as long as it is connected and terminated according to the electrical code. Moreover, aluminum wiring needs to be connected to a device that […]

Construction & Renovation

Whether you are looking to build a new home or residential building or renovate an existing unit, then, you need licensed electricians to safely install the electrical wiring devices and devices. At All Electrical, we have been working on construction and renovation projects since 2013 and we have the experience to ensure your projects are […]

Electrical Demolition

Electrical demolition involves the safe removal of existing electrical wiring and devices so that new ones can be installed.

Electrical Troubleshooting and Repair

When you encounter issues with your electrical wiring or devices such as flickering lights or smoking outlets, or the fuses or breakers on your panel are continually tripping, then, all you need to do is reach out to us and you can be rest assured that our team can handle all types of such common […]

EV Charging Installation for Home

Consumer preference for electrical vehicles (EV) have been rising over the past few years and sales have been increasing exponentially. Most electric vehicles are charged at home and as such, all EV owners need to install EV Charging equipment at home by licensed electricians. In addition, EV Chargers generally consume an additional 30 amp or […]

Generator Installation

Generators serve as a backup source of power when the electricity supply from your hydro goes down. These generators generally come handy outside urban areas where restoring power supply sometimes takes time. It is also a must for homes that needs 24/7 power and loss of power would cause significant disruption. There are generally 2 […]

Hot Tub Electrical Installation

Who doesn’t enjoy relaxing in a hot tub after a hectic day or just to enjoy the evening with your significant other. Before you get into the water, you want to make sure that the electrical installation has been performed according to specifications and by a licensed electrician. Water and electricity don’t mix so you want the peace of mind of a proper installation.

Interior and Exterior Lighting

  Lights are no longer a functional item; they are a way of expressing ones creativity and personality. Moreover, LED lights have provided designers with the flexibility to get creative with their designs; they are no longer limited due to the constraints of incandescent and fluorescent lights. With a variety of design options available in […]

Knob & Tube Wiring Replacement

If you own a home that was built between 1900’s and 1940’s and the electrical hasn’t been completely redone, then, you may know about knob and tube wiring. This wiring method is no longer used and you may be surprised that some insurance companies will not insure homes or renew coverage with this type of […]

Maintenance Service Calls

If you own or manage a home, you know that they need regular maintenance in order to keep them running for a long time. Electrical maintenance is the process of making sure that your electrical equipment is kept in good working order. It includes inspecting, testing, and repairing electrical equipment as needed to prevent problems […]

Panel and Meter Base Installation

There could be numerous reasons that require you to install panels and meter bases. Some of the common reasons are during a new home construction, or when your current panels and meter base is damaged, or if you are converting a single home to a duplex or a multiplex. In such cases, there may be […]

Panel Replacement

Panel replacement involves replacing your current panel with a new one with the same capacity. Panel replacement does not involve upgrading service, though, if that is a better option, we will advise accordingly. There could be many reasons that would require you to replace your panel, some of them are listed below; Damaged Panel – […]

Service and Panel Upgrade

Service and panel upgrade are generally only required when your current service capacity from the hydro company is unable to meet your existing or immediate future consumption needs. Usually happens when you add significant additional load like a pool, or a hot tub, or an EV Charger, or finish your basement that consumes a lot […]

Service Capacity and Load Calculation

If you are looking to add a secondary suite or install large appliances into your home, such as EV Charger, hot tub, then, you could be in a situation where your current hydro service may not be able to support the additional demand. You could end up with situations where your breakers on your panel […]

Single Unit to Duplex or Multiplex Conversions

A single unit is generally a singly family home and with the demand for housing on the rise, some property owners and real estate investors have started to convert a singly family home to a duplex or multiples (e.g., triplex) so that more than one family can reside in that building. When a single unit […]

Industrial & Commercial Services

ArcFlash Study

An arc flash study is the assessment of a facility by an electrical safety expert to determine hazards and risks in relation to electrical systems.

Construction and Renovation

Construction, upgrades and renovation involves installing new or replacing old with new electrical wiring and devices.

Electrical Demolition

Electrical demolition involves the safe removal of existing electrical wiring and devices so that new ones can be installed.

Emergency Response

When faced with an emergency situation and need your electricals up and running right away, we are there for you.

EV Charging Installation for Business and Multi-Family Residential Units

EV Charging infrastructure installation on a commercial and industrial property is different than installing at a single-family home

Maintenance Service Calls

Your business premises need to be available and functional when you need it. If you are looking for an experienced and reliable Electrical Contractor for your maintenance tasks, then, feel free to reach out to us.

Preventative Maintenance

Extend the life of your electrical systems with a preventative maintenance program and make use of these systems for their full lifespan.

Thermal Image Inspection

Thermal Image Inspection

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